Nicola Masiero


-Behavior Modification Coach

-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

-Sports&Peak Performance

-Body|Mind Conditioning Trainer

-Sound Therapy Facilitator

Erika A. Segura


-Behavior Modification Coach

-Board Certified Trainer of

Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

-Reiki Teacher

-Sound Therapy Facilitator|

Gong Master Instructor

Nicola believes in the power of community as the main catalyst for personal growth. He has traveled extensively around the world to gain knowledge and authenticity. Active Environmentalist, TEDx Organizer, and Intercultural Speaker...


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Erika A. Segura is a Behavior Modification and

Habit Control Coach. She believes in empowering people by implementing strategic, impactful, and effective internal communication to recalibrate 

the human psyche. ...

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Lyra Adamson

Sound Therapy Facilitator

Jonathan Schleyer

Sound Therapy Facilitator

Giovanni Labadessa

Consultant @Resalio

Co-Founder of NOT Film Festival, Italy

Script Writer/Producer