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“my sound bath meditative experience was transformative. It is such a peaceful and soothing environment.

I experienced a deeper and more nourishing sleep afterwards and noticed an increase in my overall mood and emotional state.

The benefits of Sound Bathing are immeasurable. You receive so much after just 1 session. The healing frequencies permeate all aspects of your life. Whatever area(s) you are seeking growth, expansion, healing or manifestation, you're covered.”



I have to tell you how great it was for me, my back pain is gone, I love it!

Julia Cervantes

“My first experience at the sound bath took me a little by surprise in how deeply immersive the experience of being surrounded by the sounds of all of the instruments can be.

But now with regular attendance, I'm starting to reap the rewards and cumulative mind/body health benefits. Each of my personal experiences at the sound bath is uniquely different, ranging from simply having a wonderful place to enter a deep form of well needed relaxation, to having a powerful "out-of-body" healing experience in which I felt elevated above my body and even immersed into the powerful energies of the earth and solar system.

Even though I have a Tibetan bowl, rain stick and solfeggio chimes that I use while meditating at home in an effort to cure my cancer, the sound bath experience has taken me to a completely new level of awareness of the curative and healing benefits of being of the wondrous and powerful solfeggio tones that come from the soun bath musicians.

The sound bath sound meditation combined with reiki healing has given me a better understanding of my mind-body connection and improved my understanding of the benefits of mine relaxation and meditation healing.

I have already promoted the benefits of the Sound bath healing to several friends and coworkers.”

ilaria Bordignon

Founder, Carezza-Intima