Imagine a beautiful and safe place...

the perfect ambiance to reconnect with thyself, to have a conversation about the power of the mind and to dive into the most Immersive, Hypnotic SoundBath Experience

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This is a Signature GONG-SoundBath Immersion

 Every Sunday night we address a different modality of Self-hypnosis,

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy to learn how to

unlock the potential of the mind.

Through a progressive relaxation and guided imagery,

the group is then led into a deep, hypnotic SoundBath Immersion surrounded by powerful Paiste Gongs, Quartz Crystal Bowls, Ocean Drums, Brass Singing Bowls and by a diversity of Sounds and Aromas to create the cognitive dissonance that opens a door through our critical mind allowing a profound inner exploration into the subconscious mind, while the body is comfortably relaxed and tuned-in with the Vibrations and Sounds.

This is a beyond-Meditation experience and

the most powerful non-invasive Hypnotherapy Technique

"Everything in Life is Vibration" - Albert Einstein

Every single thing in the Universe is vibrating at a particular frequency.

Your organs, your cells, your thoughts, and feelings,

including everything in your subconscious,

are transmitting a particular vibration throughout your body and

into your relationships.

Those who are able to control those thought-generated emotions

and those vibrations,

steer the life they are living into the direction they want to.

In collaboration with EnterMartialArts studio in Venice, CA

Every Sunday Evening at 8:00 pm

Location: 12932 Venice Blvd, Venice 90066

Doors open at 7:30 pm, session starts at 8:00 pm

This experience includes a light Aroma Therapy,

please take it into consideration if you are particularly sensitive to

fragrances, essential oils or incense.

( all the products used are strictly organic and fair traded ).


You create your comfort spot to enjoy the SoundBath experience,

we do all the rest : )

We recommend you to take with you:

a yoga mat,

cozy little blankets

( one to cover yourself and one to create a soft cushion on top of your mat )

a pillow ( or other support ) for your head.

We will provide you with an eye pillow

unless you prefer bringing your own.

Many people -and we recommend that as well- love to put a foam-roll under the knees. In this way, your lower back will be in the most natural and comfortable position during the one-hour Sound immersion.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and

come to pamper yourself!

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