Our Story


Erika A. Segura and Neil Belen are uniting talent and skills to expand sound bath experiences.

Co-creating is a way to reach out to people who are ready  to re-write their own life script. 

Erika A. Segura, C. Ht. 

Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach / Trainer

Prior to becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I dedicated over a decade in the financial industry. My entrepreneurial and training background has enabled me to continue a rewarding career of helping individuals at deeper personal levels. My strong interest in human behavior, thinking patterns, and mind reaction, inspired me to further my education in the field of science behavior. I have devoted attention to the psychology of effective modalities to empower people. My creative impulses, and the urge to help others has been my life passion.

Since 2012, I have pursued a dynamic career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach because I am committed to the success of those who seek vocational and avocational assistance.

I am a graduate from Hypnotherapy Motivational Institute, HMI is the only accredited College of Hypnotherapy in the United States.

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Trainer

Hypnosis Trainer

Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator

Breathwork Trainer

PSYCH-K Facilitator

E&P Relationship Educator

Quantum-Touch healing

Usui Reiki Teacher

Sound Bath Facilitator

among other continuing education.

It is my pleasure to put my extensive expertise to work for you.